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Lady and Thomas
Thomas The Tank Engine by Britt Allcroft
The Angel's Robe 

Twas middle of the day and I was sleepy. 
So I lay down upon my bed to rest. 
The day was cruel and my heart so weepy. 
Just a short nap then I'd feel my best. 

The pillow was soft as the new fallen snow. 
Problems and heartaches just had to go. 
I could feel someone behind me so I thought. 
Quickly I turned but I saw naught. 

This strange quiet presence lingered on. 
I wasn't afraid, so I rested alone. 
The room was quiet, no one in the room. 
I smelled the roses that were still abloom. 

Just as I was about to give in to sleep, 
I opened my eyes quickly to sneak a peak. 
There stood an angel from a celestial globe. 
He smiled, then left in his long flowing robe. 

Sybil Shearin 

Copyright (c)2002 

Thank you Sybil!