You were not there on Calvary's Hill that day.
You were not the one who was mocked, innocent and betrayed.
It wasn't you who wore a crown of thorns;
And it wasn't for you all Heaven's angels mourned.

You were not the Rose created just to die.
You were not that Rose whom Peter thrice denied.
You didn't see the blood running down upon the hot burning sand.
You didn't see the nails hammered into innocent hands.

This One Perfect Rose hung naked for the world to see.
His velvet petals whipped and scarred just beyond death's decree.
You didn't hear Him say, "It Is Finished" on that day.
"Father, into Thy hands I commit My spirit!" 
Then in defeat demons screamed in a ghoulish display.

Jesus Christ The ONE Perfect Rose gave His life for your sins demands.
His precious velvet petals fell freely scorched upon the hot burning sands.
His lifeless body placed in a borrowed tomb by precious hands.
All of this He did for YOU, and now that you know it, what will YOU do?

The tomb is empty for He arose and took the keys to death and hell.
Oh Hallelujah!  This day Jesus himself rang forever, Life's Liberty Bell.
How can you refuse so great a Salvation from this one perfect man?
His Rose Petals Burned Upon The Hot Burning Sands!!!!

© Sybil Shearin (3-2003)

Thank you my friend!

Alabama - Angels Among Us
Mandy...a poem she wrote in October 2005:

We have Scratches that will keep you in stitches,
We can make you laugh,
And we can make you cry,
Sometimes we're hilarious,
And other times very serious,
We can make you sing,
We can lift your spirits up high.
We got Queens and bears,
We even got a Ding a ling!
I hope you can hang on to your seat,
When them Scratches meet!
We love to play,
And we love to pray.
So be prepared,
And don't be scared!
Jump in and join the fun,
God's Will be done!

Written by Your favorite SING Ding-a-ling!
Mandy Hinson
October 12, 2005

God Bless,


We love you and miss you, Mandy!

You called yourself Sings ding-a-ling
But, to each of us you were lovable and serene.

You had a special quality that made us laugh
Through your trying times lessons were learned
And we hurt and our hearts burned.

Burned for the love and wisdom that you gave
We Thank God that you were saved.

All you ever asked was for God to enter your life
And He did with a great big boom
Your spirit never faltered or did you say that
You were doomed.

Mandy, with dignity and pride you held your head
up high
Now we all at Sing have rejoiced knowing your
With Jesus in that mansion in the sky

All our love and prayers are going out to Lonnie
And your Children and Grandchildren left behind.
You were one smart cookie with a colorful vocabulary
and thoughtful mind.

Written for Mandy by Nancy Hoback and all of Sing Graphics and Fellowship

Thank you Nancy for this beautiful poem!

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