The Splendor of the Rose

I've searched among man's flower gardens so rare.
I've looked them through and through yet none can compare
To the one sweet Rose of Sharon who gave Himself for me.
Each time I smell the fragrance I remember the dogwood tree.

It is told Jesus hung upon a cross made from the dogwood tree.
I really don't know if this is true, yet I know He died for me.
He left His touch of beauty in the splendor of the rose
And the longer I serve Him the sweeter He grows.

Jesus has a garden with all the prettiest roses rare.
He gives each one His total attention and His tender loving care.
If He picks one from your family please don't cry because it's gone.
Jesus needs these beautiful roses to sit around His throne.

Weep not for those who have left us for just a little while,
It won't be long until we'll see them, faces glowing with a smile.
Sometimes our minds can't begin to comprehend
But Jesus knows our lives from the beginning to the end.

Life is like a vapor and then quickly it fades away
But life in heaven is forever and with Jesus the roses stay.
So don't grieve for those who have left us.
They have a brand new glorified body and it's not made of dust.

Jesus the King of Kings has a beautiful garden too!
And in His home in heaven the roses continue to grow.
When I get there, I'll rejoice once more
With my special missing rose!

Sybil G. Shearin

Copyright ©2003 Sybil G Shearin

Thank you Sybil for your beautiful poems!

Our condolences to the family of James.
Sandi Patti, The Old Rugged Cross
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